49ers stand by kaepernick over anthem row

Top of pageIntroductionGlaucoma is an optic neuropathy characterized by selective and progressive injury to the retinal ganglion cells, leading to loss of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL). The advent of optical coherence tomography (OCT) has allowed quantitative evaluation of RNFL thickness. Circumpapillary RNFL (CpRNFL) measurement using OCT is a widely accepted clinical technique for assessing glaucoma.1, 2, 3 Recently, spectral domain OCT (SD OCT) with high scan speed and resolution has made regional RNFL imaging and quantitative analysis of a broader area possible.4, 5, 6 Regional RNFL imaging provides topographic thickness information, so a quantitative analysis of the RNFL thickness map is expected to have potential advantages in detecting localized RNFL defects.

5 Austin based concert promoter C3 Presents made news when it banned Styrofoam cups from the sixth annual Austin City Limits Music cheap jerseys Festival this year. Beneath the quick hit media pop was a deeper story: Following the model the company created for Lollapalooza, C3 took a holistic approach to greening nearly every aspect of ACL, from bamboo based concert T shirts to gel sanitizer in the bathrooms to bio diesel power generators.

Admittedly, money is the biggest reason for the loss of many fans. While race tickets remain fairly affordable when compared to other prime seating in other sports, it’s all the other ancillary costs that factor in to whether fans can still afford to make it to places like Talladega, Richmond, Watkins Glen or even Daytona.

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The UFC’s solution was to hire the best anti doping expert it could find, Jeff Novitzky. He has joined the UFC from a 22 year career in federal law enforcement, the last 12 of them spent in anti doping. Novitzky worked on the Balco laboratories case that brought down Marion Jones and Barry Bonds. Then, in the words of the cyclist Tyler Hamilton, he “drove a bulldozer into the bike racing world” and busted Lance Armstrong. The UFC asked Novitzky to draw up its anti doping program. “It wasn’t lip service,” Novitzky says. “They were looking to clean up cheap soccer jerseys their sport, they were dead serious about it.” Novitzky has designed what he describes as the best anti doping programme in professional sports. “And frankly,” he says, “there is not really a close second.” All UFC athletes are now subject to random testing, every day of the year.




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