line blunder provides moment of deja vu

There’s an earlier scene when cheap soccer jerseys one shot shows us the setting sun, a melting glob of orange sherbet descending behind a flat Texas landscape one of about five “magic moment” sunset shots milked for nebulous non meaning in this movie and then in the next shot (and for the rest of the scene) it’s clearly the middle of the afternoon. One of the things that’s impossible to decipher about Bay is whether or not he basically been punking us the whole time. He clearly possesses some awareness of his own tics and tricks and obsessions, some meta consciousness about the manipulative character of his work and his relationship to the audience, but not enough to simply throw it all away and go study the Hindu scriptures or something. (He may make movies aimed at notional heartland teens, but in real life Bay was an English major at Wesleyan, and a favored student of film historian Jeanine Basinger.) So I partly suspect that he’s pulling our leg in making a $165 million action spectacle that features elementary continuity errors, product placement for Chinese soft drinks and a running time did I tell you this already? of 166 minutes, at least 40 or 50 or 60 of which are not strictly necessary. OK, duh, I get it: None of it is necessary, and Bay is playing out some kind of sadomasochistic power exercise.

The studios have two niches, and the problem is that you don fit in either one of them. You not going to do a “Transformers” movie for $250 million. And they think you not the right person to do the movie that maybe costs $40 million and is aimed at the Oscars, or is a prestige literary adaptation or something. They don trust you with those, right?

JUSTIN BURRIS, cornerback: Burris is really starting to come into his own. He actually accomplished something I haven’t seen in my brief four year NFL covering career. In receiver cornerback drills, Burris locked down Frankie Hammond to the point where Bryce Petty couldn’t throw the ball. Seriously. Petty had to run the ball in a 1 on 1, receiver cornerback drill.

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Several weeks ago, a reporter interviewed me about the team and I thought they would be able to avoid another collapse. As it turns out, I was wrong. The momentum they had after beating New England seems to have vanished.So what really happened to The New York Giants this year?There is no question that injuries to key players have taken their toll on this organization.Second, while there is much talk about the game becoming more pass oriented,football teams that can run and throw the ball are harder to defend than are teams with a one dimensional attack. The Giants running game, due in part to the injury toAhmad Bradshaw, has been non existent.Third, Justin Tuck, a team leader in the past, sounded like he was lacking in confidence, enthusiasm and positive energy in a recent radio interview with Mike Francesa on WFAN.Fourth, Brandon Jacobs seems like he is quite frustrated with the local fans and with his overall performance.Fifth, a number of Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping teams just seem to be playing at a much higher level than are The Giants. New Orleans, Green Bay, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore and Oakland all seem to be displaying the energy, intensity and consistency that help teams make it to The Super Bowl.The Giants seem cheap youth nfl jerseys to be lacking these winning elements right now. In fact, at times, they seem detached and apathetic on the sidelines during games.Eli Manning wholesale jerseys has been playing great this year. And Victor Cruz looks like a terrific player who can be a super star.So, there are some things for Giant fans to be optimistic about going forward.However, it looks like the team needs to get physically healthy, get mentally tougher and make some personnel changes for next season if they are to compete successfully




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