A Few Words About Tonight’s Tenth and Final Bad Boys on the Hudson

That old cliche don be sad because something is over, be glad that something happened definitely applies today, Sunday, July 14th, 2013, when the era of the Bad Boys parties is at last over.

I did my first set of xxx flicks in summer 1995 (starting August 4th to be exact) and, later that year, I took one of my best friends at the time to the Gay Erotic Video Awards. The event was sponsored by and raised money for the Los Angeles based organization, Aid for AIDS. At the time I didn understand how special this was. In the way our society works, an AIDS organization (or really any LGBT based group) supporting sex work is a rare thing. I have to admit that I never exactly understood why it would seem a natural symbiotic relationship, but what do I know? With non profits, government funding rules everything of course and even the slightest whiff of anything controversial will cause board members and executive directors to shudder and shake.(This is, by the way, in case you wondered, why most fundraising events are so fucking bland and dull. One of the things about AFA that was so neat is that they at the time understood how to jersey china be a good neighbor will all parts of the community. Their Red Dress parties are also legendary).

Anyway, Aid for AIDS was special in that it actively participated in the gay porn industry by creating a special fund to assist gay porn performers who were having financial difficulty due to HIV/AIDS. Not only did they create the Joey Stefano Fund, but they sold tickets to porn award shows from their offices on Santa Monica Blvd. I remember the first time I went in I was greeted by an older gentleman who kibbitzed and flirted with me. I would later learn that he was the orgs executive director.

Over the next couple years I would become friendly with the staff and promote the org mission. In 1996 they asked me to make an appearance at what was then the Gauntlet (now the LA Eagle) for one of their Sunday beer busts they cheap authentic sports jerseys sell all you can drink beer for $7, sell raffle tickets, give away porn. It was a huge success and always packed to the rafters. Eventually I started helping them book stars, emcee and sort of produce the event. It was also during this time that I met my second boyfriend, who was one of the orgs star volunteers.

Now I usually sort of against nanny states (limiting people right to buy 64 oz drinks or whatever), but when the Mothers Against Drunk Driving crusaded against being able to sell unlimited amounts of beer to a city full of drivers, I was kind of on their side. It didn just affect our event, but all beer busts in LA.

And so we had to come up with an alternative idea and the Bad Boys Pool Party was born. My friend and columnist Mickey Skee had just written www.about-healths.com a book, Bad Boys of Video, where he interviewed a couple dozen gay porn stars (myself included) and I thought it would be a neat idea to include as many of the book subjects as possible. It seemed a natural tie in.

The first couple parties were good, but it wasn until the third party that things really took off. I then moved the party to Palm Springs where it became a great destination for a weekend worth of porn fans.

Michael Brandon “Inappropriate Behavior Party” came out of our 2002 party where an ex boyfriend of mine took it up on himself to tell Michael that sucking off a dozen guys was “inappropirate behavior”. (The ex was correct I had very clear guidelines about what the party was and was not about although he went about conveying that all wrong. This cheap tickets to jersey boys was one of the clearest examples of how the right message can be delivered in the wrong way).

Eventually I produced an annual Burlesque show in San Francisco after I moved to New York, but I just couldn make it work living so far away. We did three of them though to benefit Magnet, and the 2005 show (the last one) was probably one of the best shows that I ever had the pleasure to be involved with.

In New York, DJ Randy Bettis and I discovered that our birthdays are a day apart and so, for a few years we threw a Bad Boys style dance party. They were fun but were really more dance party moneymakers for the venue than fundraisers for orgs that I cared about.

And, in 2004, I created the Bad Boys on the Hudson as the east coast equivalent to the west cheap lakers jerseys coast Bad Boys parties. It always been it own odd sort of animal but successful nonetheless.

Staging a fundraiser with multiple talents coming from a variety of backgrounds (porn, drag, leather, etc) is a sort of large scale job. embarking on it with a zero budget just makes it that much more challenging (and, at times, it has felt impossible).

And so here we are.

At the end of a long, spectacular and unexpectedly long road. Oh the fun I had. Too many stories to tell




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